Historical fiction is not written in isolation. In my case, The Gates of Eden was nurtured along by a wide circle of generous and talented editors, readers, scholars and archivists. I am immensely grateful to them, and grateful for the resources provided by museums, libraries and historical groups. Thank you!

  • Jane Parnell
  • Joyce Cherry Cresswell, Oregon Book Award Winner
  • Susie Allen
  • Karen Bartlett
  • Jan Bear
  • Katherine Daniels
  • Phyllis Hall
  • Jo Hockenhull
  • Jodi Kilcup
  • Mady Kimmich
  • Kate McWiggins
  • Barbara Curtin Miles
  • Tara Robinson
  • Sue Sanborn
  • Robyn Shelby
  • Jan Taylor
  • Richard Yates
  • Jo Hockenhull, Emerita Professor, Washington State University; co-editor of Frontiers, a journal about women on the western frontier
  • Sue Armitage, Emerita Professor of History and Women’s Studies, Washington State University; co-editor of three collections about women on the Western frontier and editor of Frontiers
  • Lucy McIver, elder woman of Choctaw descent
  • Susan Wallace Masse, Marion County Historical Society
  • Claire Bolyard, Oregon State Library
  • Jey Wann, Oregon State Library
  • Holly Miles, Willamette Heritage Center
  • Bill Perin, Willamette Heritage Center
  • Volunteers and engineers with the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad
  • Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University
  • J. Willard Marriott Digital Library, University of Utah
  • Oregon State Library
  • Utah State Historical Society
  • Google Books (
Museums/Historical Societies
  • Willamette Heritage Center
  • This is the Place Heritage Park
  • Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum
  • Old Aurora Colony Museum
  • Polk County Historical Society and Museum
Cover Design
  • Jennifer Quinlan, Historical Fiction Book Covers
Writers Associations
  • Historical Novel Society
  • Willamette Writers
And …
  • Flicker, a gentle and beautiful horse who allowed me to ride him as part of my research

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